The Winning Combination: A Strong Playbook and Exceptional Team

Just as all great coaches know, a strong playbook leads to success in the game. Briotix Health has that strong playbook for their team, allowing us to keep the working athlete performing at their best.

Proven Services

Industrial Sports Medicine: an efficient and effective field of healthcare concerned with the prevention and care of injuries and disorders that are related to participation in the workforce.

Briotix Health Industrial Sports Medicine System: An efficient, effective and relationship-based health delivery system, utilizing traditional sports medicine practices and professionals, specializing in injury prevention, care, ergonomics, education and coaching the working athlete.

  • Injury Prevention
  • Discomfort and Injury Evaluation
  • Discomfort and Injury Care
  • Manual Therapy
  • Taping and Supporting
  • Education
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Liaison to Traditional Healthcare System
  • OSHA Approved First Aid
  • Telephonic Consultations
  • Chronic Injury Management
  • On-Site Rehabilitation
  • Case Management Assistance
  • Recommendation of Referrals
  • New Hire Screening & Training
  • Work Transition Plan
  • Post Injury Conditioning Programs

An Industrial Sports Medicine systematic approach to reduce injury risks and improve the performance of the workforce while they conduct their daily job duties, utilizing strategic planning, team facilitation, analysis tools, risk mitigation strategies and extensive knowledge of the human body, it’s physical abilities, limitations, and other human characteristics that are relative to job function.

  • Ergonomic Education
  • Job Function Assessments
  • Desk Ergonomics
  • Vehicle Ergonomics
  • Tool Selection Assessments
  • Physical Demands Analysis
  • Site Ergonomic Team Training
  • Team Goal Setting – Project Identification and Project Management
  • Facilitate Site Ergonomic Team
  • Site Walk-Throughs and Incident Investigation

Comprehensive, curriculum based training and education

  • Human Anatomy & Physiology Basics
  • Injury Description, Causes & Prevention
  • Ergonomic Training
  • Wellness Trainings
  • Health Tip of the Month
  • Client / Industry Specific Training

Systematized Body Mechanics

  • Systematized Assessments
  • Coaching Tools
  • Injury Prevention Coaching
  • New Hire Training
  • Job Task Efficiency Improvements
  • Job Rotation Planning

An industry specific physical conditioning program that reinforces job-specific flexibility and strengthening exercises

  • Rapid Warm-up
  • Daily Stretching
  • Core Strengthening

Personalized health & wellness enhancement

  • Health Assessments
  • Goal Setting
  • Illness Prevention & Care
    • Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Nutrition
    • Fitness
  • Health Coaching
  • Health Status Progression


What does Briotix Health provide?

Briotix Health is a “PRO” at effectively and efficiently preventing and managing injury or discomfort. Unique to other healthcare professionals, our Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals™ (ISMP) are trained to prevent and provide care for musculoskeletal discomfort and injury; assess and lead the development of effective ergonomic solutions, and conduct onsite training – all to better the health and wellness of our clients and teams. The sooner we see people, the better their outcomes. Our quick and thorough care is critical in making sure Working Athletes™ stay on the job.

How will Briotix Health services help my business?

By providing on-site Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals, we are actively engaged with the physical workforce, allowing us to track physical discomforts and deals with them quickly before they turn into injuries. Even small discomforts and simple repetitive motions can lead to injuries that cost time and money. This investment will protect your working athletes and their companies from the domino effect of loss that can be caused by injuries and lost time.

What makes Briotix Health different from other companies who provide on site services?

The key to Briotix Health’s success is our ability to develop strong connections with our client’s employees, while delivering efficient and effective services. Each encounter we have with a Working Athlete deepens trust and camaraderie within the relationship. Our ISMP’s are visibly active, on the floor, in the field, or on the line; not sitting in an office waiting for a problem. What truly sets us apart is by being fully present and providing coaching in real time, right on the job. We know how to, and love to, build these relationships with The Working Athlete. Our clients learn quickly that they can trust us, and they have confidence in what we say.

How is your program different from traditional occupational health programs?

At Briotix Health, we believe that the men and women that perform in the industrial setting are Working Athletes. Our Industrial Sports Medicine Professionals™ relate the same way with these Working Athletes as traditional Athletic Trainers assist pro athletes. Our clients have learned right away the difference between our Industrial Sports Medicine approach of being proactive in care, rather than reactive to an incident. From the introduction of the program roll-out, to stretching and warm up programs, to proactive ergonomic assessments and hand-on techniques to assist with discomfort or injury, our program produces results and reduces injury.

How does the program work?

Early intervention is the goal! With prompt identification and proactive management of any discomfort injuries severity level can be reduced and recovery time can be improved. Expertise in utilizing effective ergonomic tools and solutions, both acute and chronic injury occurrences will be positively reduced. By decreasing severity levels, OSHA / LT cases will be diminishing, leading to dramatic financial savings in both work and non-work related medical and insurance costs. The on-site presence of allied health care professional’s aids in supporting the management’s commitment to injury prevention, thus building positive employee relations.

Why do you track and help with non-work-related cases?

Attention to non-work-related injury or discomfort complaints is just as important as work-related injury or discomfort care. At Briotix Health, we seek to form a bond with The Working Athletes™, our policy of open door communication will encourage them to utilize their ISMP, and the healthcare within reach. By tracking non-work-related encounters, our providers can address an issue before it turns into a chronic condition, a major musculoskeletal disorder or lost time. None of the information pertaining to a non-work-related discomforts are reported to the client, only a notification of the encounter. This policy provides confident for The Working Athlete™ to address any issues privately with our providers.

If we have our own internal medical staff, will Briotix Health be able to add to it or possibly consider hiring our providers to provide services if outsourced?

Briotix Health partners with our clients and their internal resources to achieve great results. This may be with physicians, nurses, physical therapists or ergonomist that are employed or contracted with the client. If potential clients are considering outsourcing services, we certainly are open to employment screening and the hiring of existing staff if they can meet our standards and philosophies.

How long does it take to get the program started?

On average, Briotix Health can fully implement our programs within a client in approximately 30 days. This will vary based on geographic location and region population density.

Will the process interfere with production?

Briotix Health has extensive experience caring for employees who work in environments that require constant operation and feel very confident in successfully providing our services, utilizing set hours within the identified physical locations. Program schedules for employees will be developed for traditionally non-peak hours and to allow for responsible coverage and care during breaks and off-shift time. A scheduling system is utilized to allow for proper backfill. Care will be provided in a separate room, as identified by the client, as well as within the operations area when appropriate.

How can you increase engagement in our stretching program?

There are 2 main keys for increasing the use of a physical conditioning programs (Stretching/Strengthening) by employees. The first is to fully explain how the body functions and that it is a machine. As is the case for any machine, we must maintain and improve it on a regular basis to keep it performing at its highest levels. The second key is that employees will only participate in health and safety programs when they thoroughly understand what it is they will be doing and that it is for their personal good. The quote “No one cares how much you know until they know you care” T. Roosevelt, sums this up perfectly.

How do you prevent a Non-Work-Related injury (NWR) from becoming a Potentially Work Related injury (PWR)?

In today’s healthcare market, everyone understands injuries are expensive, but what is the cost of discomfort? It is important to thoroughly understand that “rubbing some dirt on it” does not help and that today’s healthcare systems are impersonal, confusing and extremely expensive. Briotix Health provides a personal, relationship based option for the employees to seek advice and care within reach of every day operations. Our proactive and attentive approach, and our desire to be aware of the smallest discomfort encourage our working athletes to communicate all needs or concerns. Even simple repetitive motions or an accident at home, can lead to injuries that cost time and money. We protect working athletes and their companies from the domino effect of loss that can be caused by a non-work-related ache or injury.

What is an ISMP?

An ISMP, is an Industrial Sports Medicine Professional delivering injury prevention and care, ergonomics, education and coaching in an industrial setting for “The Working Athlete™”

Won’t having a healthcare provider on-site increase my site’s recordable rate?

On the contrary. Briotix Health has a proven track record of significantly reducing OSHA recordable injuries through prevention and early intervention of discomfort. Clients will experience high utilization of our services, while showing a direct correlation in their injury statistics, with an average referral rate to outside health services being less than 4% of all engagements.