Just When He Thought There Was No Hope

Written By: InSite Health Staff

While working with a utility client, Bobby (an ISMP with InSite Health) had an employee approach him stating he had been experiencing unbearable back, neck, and shoulder pain for months.  He is a designer, which means he must sit at a desk for lengthy periods of time determining where power and gas lines go throughout the city. When this designer was younger, he had endured several injuries, the worst of which was stage four cancer in his neck seven years ago requiring radiation and surgery. The last evaluation by a doctor showed the employee was cancer free but his discomfort persisted. The designer was exhausted from the years of pain and said dejectedly,“This is just something I have accepted as normal.”

This person was urgently looking for some answers.  He readily admitted that he likely could not be “fixed,”but was looking for anything that would offer even a small bit of relief.  InSite Health had not been working onsite with his company for very long and the employee didn’t really know how the ISMP could help. He had already given up on many of his favorite activities and hobbies due to the discomfort. His work production had also been affected. He didn’t know how much longer he was going to be able to continue with his current personal ambitions and career.

Bobby explained to him that this was a very common occurrence. He encouraged the designer by educating him that ISMPs with InSite Health specialize in evaluation and treatment of any musculoskeletal discomfort, work-related or not. Bobby explained it would only require a short evaluation before they could create a game plan. The evaluation took place immediately and Bobby determined that much of the employee’s discomfort was related to tension and tightness in his upper back.  The care plan Bobby developed included meeting with the designer 1-2 times a week for trigger point massage, as well as supplemental home techniques to help reduce his discomfort.  The employee wasn’t initially convinced that it would be effective, but he was desperate and ready to try anything.

After discussing his home care plan that relied heavily on self-massage along the superior and lateral border of the scapula, lumbar support for his desk at work, the PRO Fit shoulder squeeze and ABC scapular stabilization exercises, they spent the remaining time working on those troublesome trigger points that Bobby found during his evaluation.By the time they finished with the hands-on care, the designer was already saying how we was feeling more relief than he had felt in a long time.  He started to get excited about how working with Bobby might truly be able to make a difference with the discomfort he had been experiencing for a long time.

Upon returning for a follow up visit, the designer could not stop talking about how much better he was feeling.  He reported that he knew he was not completely healed as he still had some generalized discomfort, but he had forgotten what it was like to go through a day without sharp pain.  He just could not believe how Bobby had helped him decrease the discomfort that he had for years in just a few minutes. This hard-working designer was so enthused by how great the InSite Health service was, the knowledgeable healthcare professional onsite to address the issues that people like him experience daily, that he started talking with his co-workers about how they should go see Bobby as well for their issues. To this day, this individual continues to see the ISMP for weekly follow up visits to maintain his progress and continue to make strides in his recovery.

InSite Health would like to say “Thank you, Bobby!” for exemplifying our core values with this utility client. ISMP’s have the unique opportunity to make an impact on the lives of the individuals that they work with on site.  In this encounter, Bobby exemplified InSite Health’s essential CARE (Communication, Attention to Detail, Relationships, and Energy & Innovation) principles by paying close attention to the concerns of the individual, effectively communicating a plan of action and putting additional time and effort into this case. Through this, he gave this employee a new hope and forged a new, lasting relationship. At InSite Health, these are the types of encounters that make our company successful!