Strong Relationships

This is what truly sets us apart. We know how to, and love to, build relationships with working athletes. Our clients learn quickly that they can trust us, and they can have confidence in what we say. Our team is made up of down-to-earth, relatable and friendly people. We know how to be fully present to the working athlete in a way that builds camaraderie and healthy familiarity. This goes a long way in every industry we’ve worked in.

InSite Health works as a team

Whether we are out in the field or at a location as individuals, we have high standards in who we choose to bring on to our team, and our training process is rigorous to ensure we deliver on the promises we make to each client. We choose our teammates very carefully to ensure they are relatable and trustworthy experts who know how to be fully present to working athletes.

If you’d like to join the InSite Health team, have a passion for the working athlete and understand what our industrial clients’ needs are, please contact us.


Core Values and Continuing Education

The InSite Health Core Values are known as CARE:

C: Communication
A: Attention to Detail
R: Relationship & Leadership
E: Energy & Innovation

Corporate Employee Mission

InSite Health is focused on providing a personally rewarding environment for our team to learn, grow and succeed in the careers they love. We strive to offer limitless opportunities to each and every member of our team to achieve their professional and personal goals daily.

InSite University

Along with Licensure and Certifications, all hired Athletic Trainers will undergo advanced training in Industrial Sports Medicine through the InSite University.

This begins during the on-boarding process in which each team member is trained to understand and respond in the Industrial setting, topics include:

  • Injury Prevention and Management
  • Relationship Development and Communication
  • OSHA Definition and Policies
  • The InSite Health Systems
  • Industrial Sports Medicine
  • Ergonomics
  • PRO Learn™ – Education
  • PRO Fit™ – Physical Conditioning
  • PRO Moves™ – Body Mechanics
  • PRO Health™ – Health, Wellness and Prevention

With both certification and licensure, providers are required to participate in Continuing Education Units, specifically from Evidence Based Practice, primarily in the areas of ergonomics, manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, emergency care, body mechanics, therapeutic exercise, strength and conditioning and worker’s compensation management.

Upon completion of the on-boarding process, all team members undergo regular trainings and mentoring by internal and external experts in the field of study.