InSite Health: My experience as a new provider

By: E. DeLosAngeles

I started working at InSite Health, LLC. July of 2016. Unsure of how I would fit with the company, while interviewing and training with somebody across the country; I have come to enjoy my experience, thus far. In my brief time with InSite, I witnessed the rapid growth of the company, and truly appreciate the forward-thinking and vision of our Leadership Team.

The awesome thing about InSite is the various experiences and backgrounds each one of us has and brings to the team. My experience like many, comes from working as an athletic trainer in the traditional sport setting. I was never exposed to the industrial setting of athletic training in my academic training or as a professional. This is one of the reasons why the position with InSite interested me so much, along with all of the innovative facets of the company.

My start with InSite was rather slow, much to my benefit. For several weeks my training consisted shadowing another provider, learning the ins and outs, and gaining experience in what it means to be an Industrial Sports Medicine Professional. Working with the industrial athlete, I can’t help but feel I am doing something meaningful by helping the clients I serve. Whether by demonstrating a proper warm-up, evaluating injuries, or giving research-based health advice; I know that I am not just allowing them to continue to ‘play a game’, I am helping them continue to provide for their families and experience a healthier lifestyle. As a son and father of two, this truly resonates with me.

Occasionally, working with certain groups can be tough, and at times leaves me to wonder if what I am doing is worthwhile. However, it seems when these thoughts occur, soon after I work with an employee individually, that truly expresses a sense of gratitude for my services. This is not only rewarding but refreshing and reinforces my beliefs that the athletic training services we provide are having a positive impact on those we serve.

There have been many times at sites where I have been asked about my educational background and experience. I have had excellent conversations with people who had no idea about athletic training, or that it is an Allied Healthcare Profession. I believe this places InSite in a unique position. Not only because of the clients we serve, but also in the opportunities we have to drive the Athletic Training profession forward, by educating our clients and by providing high quality medical care.

I can truly say, I am extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity to be part of the InSite Health Team. Since joining InSite, every day I work with a client has been a learning experience and its share of challenges, but the team I have been fortunate to be surrounded by (though miles away) have made it a much easier process along the way.

“This is probably the best proactive measure that I have seen that can aid in the reduction of workplace injuries.” – PG&E

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