On the Field and In the Locker Room

Being present and available out in the field and back at the site enables us to build a strong rapport with Working Athletes, while providing the best care possible.

On the Field

We go where men and women do the work. We’ll go anywhere. Our team is not afraid of heights or bad weather. We go to the production line in a manufacturing space or the workbench; we go up to the power lines and Wind Turbines, and we go down into ditches. We’ve navigated everything from an old Irish Bar in Boston to a nuclear power plant on the Pacific Ocean. We’ve helped Working Athletes in a clean room where medical testing is done, and we’ve helped them make car tires. It could be raining or sunny, freezing or hot; we’ll be there right beside the men and women who do the work.

In the Locker Room

At the site – Not only are we on the field, but we are there at the site for efficient delivery of care. Some of our clients have a true clinic setting, and others do not. We can work with whatever you have available. Here we continue, either in individual or group settings, to foster trust by building deeper relationships with the team to provide the most effective care and support possible.

InSite Health works with all sorts of industries, from the most labor intensive to traditional office settings. We have professional experience across a wide spectrum of environments.

The Tools We Offer

Just like Working Athletes have tools to do their jobs well, InSite Health has tools to provide successful care to your Working Athlete. These tools include:

Industrial Sports Medicine

  • On-Site Injury Management & Care
  • Injury Prevention
  • Return-to-Work Planning
  • Communication


  • Assessment Tools
  • Ergonomic Training
  • Ergonomic Program Management
  • Ergonomic Solutions

Injury & Illness Prevention

Pro Learn
Comprehensive, curriculum based injury prevention and health training
Pro Moves
Systematized body mechanics assessment and coaching program designed to maximize movement and reduce injury risks through the use of optimal movement patterns.
Pro Fit
Industry specific physical conditioning programs aimed at improving individual’s flexibility, strength, balance and work performance.
Pro Health
Goal based health assessment and coaching program for reducing chronic injury and illness risks, as well as improving general health status and physical performance.

“I don’t know what I would do without the service. It’s part of how we do business!”

– Pennsylvania

Case Studies

“This is probably the best proactive measure that I have seen that can aid in the reduction of workplace injuries.” – PG&E

Feedback from our Utility client, PG&E as to why Industrial Sports Medicine Works! Dessy is a much-appreciated ISMP for InSite Health! “Dessy has been a great help to the employees of this Service Center. She has built a trust that allows employees to come to her with questions and issues. She is very willing to […]

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Have you ever thought about why you may be experiencing discomfort or fatigue after working at your desk?

If your recent discussion around the water cooler consists of complaints about stiffness and fatigue, maybe it’s time to consider how you’re working.   Many of us spend a great deal of time sitting at our desks staring at a bright screen as part of our daily job duties.  Sometimes, our concentration on the task […]

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