We have a unique Client, with a very unique work force. Due to the nature of their work environment and job tasks, it’s not enough to simply track OSHA cases. What impacts them the most, is the associated Lost Time. Through our aggressive proactive programming, we are helping this Client manage the frequency and severity of work-related injuries and are having a significant impact on the Client’s Lost Time metrics.

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“This is probably the best proactive measure that I have seen that can aid in the reduction of workplace injuries.” – PG&E

Feedback from our Utility client, PG&E as to why Industrial Sports Medicine Works! Dessy is a much-appreciated ISMP for InSite Health! “Dessy has been a great help to the employees of this Service Center. She has built a trust that allows employees to come to her with questions and issues. She is very willing to […]

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Have you ever thought about why you may be experiencing discomfort or fatigue after working at your desk?

If your recent discussion around the water cooler consists of complaints about stiffness and fatigue, maybe it’s time to consider how you’re working.   Many of us spend a great deal of time sitting at our desks staring at a bright screen as part of our daily job duties.  Sometimes, our concentration on the task […]

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