This month’s health tip is, “Get up! Get Active!” There are several ways you can be more active this upcoming summer. How?

#1 Ditch the Screen! Put down your iPhone and plant / work in the garden. Mow grass /aerate your lawn. Take your dog for a walk. Join a team or league. Walk or bike to the local store.

#2 Connect with Nature- Hike along a nature trail. Bike or inline skate. Meditate or do yoga. Kayak or paddle through rivers or lakes.

#3 Have Fun with Family – Play games that require physical activity. Fly a kite or take your kids fishing. Create a scavenger hunt. Count stars or go bird watching.

#4-Tips to Stay Motivated – Change up your scenery and vary your activities to prevent boredom. Choose a park or location that is not too far away from your home. Work out with a partner to hold you accountable and provide motivation.